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The best roads aren’t always the ones that your sat nav takes you down (especially if she’s like ours). The best route also isn’t always the shortest, especially when driving is part of the fun. We will use our local knowledge to help you get from A to B, sharing the best routes; avoiding hazardous single lane tracks and unmade roads; and taking detours to drive the picturesque routes. We may even give you a personal tour - we don’t need much of an excuse to get our cars out on the road.


Interactive Visitor map

Guests will have access to our interactive map which contains over 130 places to visit, including directions on how to get there, costs, parking and other information to make your journey hassle free. We will provide a link to the full map to guests before they arrive with full instructions on how to get the most out of it. You can access this on your PC, tablet or phone to plan your days out.

See our Activities section for more information.

Map data © 2018 GeoBasis-KE/BKG (©2009), Goolge, Inst. Geogr. Nacional

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Personalised sat nav

To make life easy for guests we have pre-loaded all of the sites as favourites into a sat nav, which is free for guests to use throughout their stay. This also contains around 90 of the pre-defined map routes taking you to on a return journey to each site, with plenty of programmed routing points to keep you on the best roads, saving you the hassle of trying to programme your own sat nav. We can provide the GPX files for your chosen route if you prefer. If there are two vehicles booked in, two identically programmed sat nav will be available.

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Printed Itineraries

We have also taken the leg work out of planning a day out. Using our local knowledge we have pieced together a number itineraries to provide day-long trips for guests. These itineraries give you a chance to stretch your car’s legs visit many of the tourist highlights in the region, and provide ideas of where to stop for lunch or dinner.

You will find our “Days Out” folder in the gite with copies of the routes which include detailed printed driving directions, to save you relying on Lady Garmin or Lord Google taking you on their own journey of discovery! We can also create bespoke itineraries for you with driving directions so you can have a tailor-made holiday - just tell us what you want and we’ll make your life easy.

See our Activities section for more information.

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All of our routes will lead you to the best place to park at your destination. Alternative recommended parking spots will also be saved in the sat nav if you prefer to go elsewhere or the car park is being used for a fete or festival (yes … it happens). If we wouldn’t park our cars there, we won’t recommend it to you!

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