… because a clean car drives better

When you’ve covered a few miles, killed more than a few flies, your alloys are covered in brake dust, the polish has worn off, it’s nice to be able to clean your car or bike as though you were on your own driveway. At Bonnes Routes you can!

Hose Sml.jpg

Hose it Down

We supply everything you need to get rid of the grit and grime from your journey - hose, buckets, shampoo, washing mitt, microfibre drying towels - you just need to supply the elbow grease!

Polish Sml.jpg

Bring Back the Shine

If you want to go one step further and spend the afternoon polishing and waxing your pride and joy, we can supply the products at a small charge. We can find you a shady spot to while away a couple of hours to bring the shine back to your pride and joy - we all know a good shine makes everything go faster!

Hoover Sml copy.jpg

Dust off the cobwebs

With a full-size vacuum cleaner kept just for car cleaning, along with cleaner and conditioner for your dashboard and seats, you can make sure the inside of your car is ready for the rest of your journey.

Power, Beauty and Soul
— Aston Martin