Is the gîte just for classic car owners?
No - guests with hire cars or “normal” cars are just as welcome at Bonnes Routes. We also welcome people on two wheels (motorised or otherwise). The facilities we have available can be used by everyone, but are particularly targeted at visitors with a treasured car who need to provide some tender loving care to it whilst driving through France. We have tried to create the perfect place for people for whom driving IS the holiday. We get it!

I have a soft top on my classic car which has seen better days so isn’t exactly waterproof! Can I park under cover?
We are aiming to cover the parking area in 2020 to provide added protection. However, if you need to put your car under cover before this is in place we can rearrange our own storage to accommodate your car in the barns. We also have lightweight car covers to keep the dust off.

I’ve never driven my classic car outside of the UK. I’m not sure that a) I’ll get there and b) how easy it is!
While we can’t guarantee the reliability of your car, make sure it’s been recently serviced and use it regularly for a few weeks before hand to shake out any potential problems. Cars are made to be driven and it won’t make any special memories stuck in a garage! It’s really easy driving in France, with much less traffic than the UK, and much better roads. It’s far less stressful for you and your car – you may get better mpg too! Right hand drive really isn’t an issue as there is so little traffic and some beautiful straight roads where you can see for miles ahead. If you’re on your own and are planning on using the Autoroutes, you can get a Liber-t tag to save you having to get out of your car at the tolls. It’s worth it’s weight in gold! So … what are you waiting for?!

Can we make the journey from the UK in a day, or is it better to do it in stages?
We are an eight hour drive from Calais using the Autoroutes (80mph), so it is easily possible to drive here in a day (especially if you share the driving). If you want to use the country roads and routes nationale for a more leisurely journey, an overnight stop is recommended. We can recommend some routes if you want to do this so let us know and we’ll help you out.

What nationalities do you cater for?
Everyone is welcome at Bonnes Routes, wherever they come from. Being just over half way down the map of France we are ideally placed for people travelling from the UK, Holland, Belgium or Northern France to the South of France or Spain; or from Italy to the west coast of France (and the opposite directions). We speak English, passable French, and where we have guests of other nationalities our friends Google and Larousse will help us translate guides, instructions and other information into other languages for guests. But let’s face it …. people who love cars and love driving all speak the same language!!

Can you accommodate larger groups?
The gîte is really set up for two couples in comfort. There is an additional day bed in the Chambre Panoramique, which could cater for another person or two if you are REALLY good friends. But as luck would have it, we have a French neighbours who owns a gîte (you pass it as you drive into Bonhur), so if there are a few of you travelling you may want to try a double booking of both properties. They have private car parking and good security too. Let us know if you’re interested in this option when you enquire, and we’ll do the leg work for you to check availability and pricing.

Is it possible to get my classic car shipped down to you and fly in rather than drive?
Absolutely. We can take collection of your car when its convenient for you, store it in the barn until you arrive. We can pick you up at any of the regional airports – Limoges or Brive (the closest airports), Bergerac or Bordeaux.

Do you take bookings for single nights or part weeks?
Due to the work involved in cleaning up for the next guests, we don’t currently plan on offering single night stays (3 night stay minimum), but if you are a returning guest, need a last minute stop over for a night or two, and we aren’t booked out then give us a shout.

We don’t really want to do much cooking - is there somewhere to eat out locally?
There are lots of small restaurants within driving distance of the gîte offering a variety of dining options; but we are in the middle of rural France so don’t expect city life and all its conveniences. Details of local restaurants and menus where possible are available in the gîte. We can give you directions and book a table for you (always worth doing to make sure you get fed). However, Bonnes Routes is a home from home so you will have everything you need to make simple meals or banquets, with provisions from the local supermarkets and weekly markets.

Do you allow children or dogs to stay in the gïte?
No - unfortunately the premises are not child friendly and much as we love dogs we need to guarantee a pet-hair free environment for other guests with allergies, which is only possible if we remain dog-free.

If you have any questions not covered above, just ask via our contact form here